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Trevor Doyle writes...

I just finished watching "Bereft". Another great episode by the way.

1. But when Miss Martian restores Superboy's memory there is a flash of her as a human in a cheerleading uniform. I've seen every episode of the season so far, and that never happened. So I was just wondering if there is an explination for Superboy remembering something that hasnt happened, or if there was something I missed?

2. When Kid Flash falls into the pool in the episode "Infiltrator" the side of the pool says "3.0m" or three meters. Was this intentional, or is it simply because the country that handles the animation uses the metrix system? (Just thought I'd ask cause I wasn't sure if I was the only person who noticed)

Greg responds...

1. <sigh> And we were doing so well... "ASKED AND ANSWERED."

2. Well, I didn't notice. Or at least I didn't focus on it.

Response recorded on May 25, 2011