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Foxwolf writes...

Hi Greg

First of all, I must compliment the show on it's amazingly beautiful animation. It's like animated movie quality in every episode.
Anyway, I run a website called Behind The Voice Actors and am been the editor on the Young Justice page. Right now, all the characters displayed in the shows credits are on the site, but I was wondering if I could ask you if you knew who voiced these other unnamed characters?

Independence Day
- Fireman

- Dr Spence

Welcome To Happy Harbor
- Happy Harbor Police Officer

Drop Zone
- Kobra Member

- Star Boston Driver
- Star Manhattan Driver (is he the one with the beard?)

- Wally's School Teacher
- WayneTech Security Guard
- WayneTech Cafe

- Squad Leaders
- Science Center Guard (Kelly Hu?)

- Scientist #1
- Scientist #2

And also one last question for my own curiosity. I was wondering if each of the Justice Leaguers that haven't already been voiced (WW, Hawks, Green Lanterns) will appear by seasons end?

Appreciate your time

Greg responds...

The Batallion Chief was Kevin Michael Richardson.

Dr. Spence doesn't have any lines.

Police Officer #1 was Nolan North.

Cultist #1 was Nolan North.

S.T.A.R. Driver #1 was Kevin Michael Richardson.
S.T.A.R. Driver #2 was Jason Spisak.

Homeroom Teacher was Nolan North.
WayneTech Guard was Crispin Freeman.
WayneTech Cashier was Tara Strong.

Alpha Leader was Phil LaMarr.
Beta Leader was Yuri Lowenthal.
Gamma Leader was Roger Craig Smith.
Delta Leader was James Arnold Taylor.
Epsilon Leader was Bruce Greenwood.
Royal Guard #1 was Kelly Hu.
Royal Guard #2 was James Arnold Taylor.
Royal Guard #4 was Roger Craig Smith.
TV Announcer was Jeff Bennett.

Patrol Leader #1 was Khary Payton.
Patrol Leader #2 was Bruce Greenwood.
Scientist #1 was Nolan North.
Scientist #2 was Marina Sirtis.

As for your last question: "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."

Response recorded on May 26, 2011