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D.Bishop writes...

Hi, Greg. I'm a big fan, particularly of what you did with The Spectacular Spider-Man (I'm really gonna miss Sally Avril). I'm loving Young Justice right now but I've become a little curious about a couple of things.

1) Do you have a specific age in mind for Icicle, Jr ?
2) Do you guys have a full Atlantean language/code developed, or is it just really nice sounding "gibberish" ?
3) I love the Green Arrow - Showcase short that you penned and I was wondering, do you think that there might ever be a possibility that you'd work on one of the full-length DC Universe movies? It would be especially awesome if you guys ever got the chance to do a YJ tie-in movie.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and good luck with Young Justice. Hopefully, my questions aren't too annoying.

Greg responds...

1. 17.

2. It's Ancient Greek with allowances for the fact that Atlantis has been separated from Ancient Greece for thousands of years.

3. I'd love to. IT'S NOT UP TO ME.

Response recorded on May 26, 2011