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Elizabeth writes...

Hi Greg,

I have been blown away with Young Justice so far â€" it ROCKS! I think that my favorite episode so far is “Downtime” â€" Atlantis was beautiful, the animators did an amazing job.

I have one question about Miss Martian; I don’t think it has been asked, but if so, I am sorry for the repetition.

Why would M’gann be admitted so easily by the Justice League into Young Justice when she had had previously never used her powers in combat? Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad have had at least a couple of years of experience under their belts (and presumably Artemis as well), while M’gann will have only had a month’s experience by “Schooled”. Is there a reason as to why she was made a part of the team so quickly?

Greg responds...

Yes. Her uncle.

Response recorded on May 26, 2011