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Keziah C writes...

Hey Greg,
I just have a few questions for you about Young Justice (loving it so far, by the way, it's my current cartoon obsession and Downtime has got to be my favourite so far, with Bereft coming a close second)Sorry if these have been asked before...

1. Is there a specific reason that Robin wasn't in the episode Denial?
2. I know that you've stated that Robin is Dick Grayson but are we ever going to have it confirmed somehow? I know in Downtime we saw him without his glasses or mask (cue fangirl squeal from me) but neither Bruce or Alfred sais his name during that short clip. You probably won't answer this but I'm still really curious.
3. And finally, I'm pretty sure that you are aware of the growing number of fanfics about this show and I'm wondering if you and/or the other writers have read any of them? And if you have, what is your general opinion about them? Do you find them flattering or just annoying?

So excited for the next episode, it seems to be going brilliantly.

Greg responds...


2. I'm fairly certain it was already confirmed in "Schooled". But if not, it will be eventually. But trust me, it's Dick.

3. I never read fanfiction to protect myself legally. As I've stated many times - mostly in relation to Gargoyles - I have mixed feelings about fanfiction. On the one hand, it's incredibly flattering, and I love that the fans are that into it. On the other hand, I'm also fairly territorial, so...

Response recorded on June 08, 2011