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Vashkoda writes...

1) Who originally taught Griff's ancestors the "rookery poem" about Excalibur?

2a) Did the gargoyles that Arthur met during the years he was king also resemble lions, unicorns and griffons? b) Had he previously met any gargoyles of "Scottish stock" before he was introduced to Goliath and the Avalon clan?

3a) Was Arthur ever referred to simply as "Pendragon"? b) In the Gargoyles universe, how did the name "Pendragon" originate? In other words, what were the circumstances that led up to Arthur's father receiving that name? c) I'm asking the obvious, but what symbol and/or heraldic beast would be featured on Arthur's coat of arms?

Greg responds...

1. The three.

2a. Many did.

2b. Yes.

3a. Yes.

3b. Not going into that now.

3c. Look at the character. But Arthur was a Pendragon and the Bear of Britain.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001