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Will H writes...

Hey Greg. My name is Will, and Young Justice is the first of your shows I have come across of which I am thoroughly enjoying, and I have a few questions about it.

1. I presume the case with having DC characters in an animated show, is that they have to be approved. Now, I am not asking for names, but how do you go about having a 'character aproved'? Now, let's use Robin for example. In the early stages of production when you decided you wanted Robin, what happens? Also let's say you wanted to use Miss Martian, but she was not approved. What effects these outcomes?

2. In the episode 'Infiltrator', there is a member of the League of Shadows known as 'Black Spider'. Now with your work on 'The Spectacular Spider-Man, I couldn't help but think that this was a reference to Spider-Man. Am I correct in saying that?

3. Do you ever look back at the 'Young Justice' or 'Teen Titans' comics for inspiration?

4. After the airing of episode 9 'Bereft', there is a small break where repeats are shown. Why is this?

5. How did the idea of the 'Young Justice' TV series come about? Was it an idea you had? Were you approached about the idea?

6. It hasn't actually been confirmed in the series, but the team, is it called 'Young Justice'? Or is it nameless?

7. Last of all, not sure if you are allowed to answer this, but what have you had most fun working on in your television career?

Thanks so much for your time to answer the questions, I really appreciate it. I am thoroughly enjoying YJ, it has exceeded all of my expectations, and fingers crossed for a season 2! Funnily enough, I am also the creator of the Young Justice Wiki, and since your comment about confirmed canon on the Gargoyles wiki, we have taken it on board, and improved it greatly.
Thanks again, Will.

Greg responds...

1. The reasons for an approval or lack there of, have to do with various legal, strategic and financial issues, which I am NOT privy to. When we began Young Justice, we asked - more or less - for everyone. The entire DC Universe. And that's pretty much what we got. There were, at the beginning of the process, a handful of characters that were declared off-limits, and - because I've admitted this previously - I'll acknowledge that one of those was Wonder Girl. Since then, all restrictions have been lifted.

2. Black Spider is an existing DC Character, who has been associated with The League of Assassins in the comics in the past.

3. We did, yes.

4. You'd have to ask Cartoon Network.

5. Sam Register suggested it to Brandon Vietti and myself. We ran with it from there.

6. It's called "The Team". Young Justice is ONLY the title of the series. Not the name of the Team.

7. Probably Gargoyles, still. But I've had a great time on Roughnecks, W.I.T.C.H., Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and even the occasional freelance assignment.

Response recorded on August 11, 2011