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Andy C. writes...

Andy.C writes...

...one of the clips shows Aquaman with longer hair than he has on the show right now, am I right to assume that as time passes some characters appearances might change, or was the design changed or something?

Greg responds...

Some characters' appearances may indeed change, but that's not an example. The Aquaman with longer hair was development artwork, not final production artwork.
1) Hmmm I just checked it wasn't artwork that was shown it was an actual clip, the whole league standing side by side looking at the team and then it cuts to Batman who starts saying something and in that clip Aquaman has long hair...

2) Anyway that's all great, character appearances might change one or more main characters will die and and actual timeline you do spoil us fans with all this great stuff.

Though I do hope you guys wont make it a comic book death cause I hate those...
I mean why kill a character in the first place if your gonna bring him back, don't get me wrong I do love the characters and it's gonna be sad to see them gone, but that's the point, you make us love them and then when we least expect it you kill em off making us feel all sad and the like.

3) Again anyway, last thing I just kinda have to ask, if by the time you read this it's been answered here, just ignore it.

Is that Sphere thing an existing um... character in the dc universe? or is it someone/something new created for the show?
I haven't been able to find anything on him so I'm guessing created for the show but I'm just curious.

Greg responds...

1. I know. And that clip was a test, done with DEVELOPMENT ARTWORK. It doesn't count.

2. I NEVER said "one or more main characters will die". I'm not saying they won't either. What I said, is "No one is safe."


Response recorded on August 11, 2011