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Jessica writes...

Hi Greg,
I'm in love with Young Justice, just one thing has been bugging me. Martian Manhunter is my all-time fave superhero, and I couldn't help but notice that in 'Bereft', his name was pronounced way differently than earlier in the series. In previous series I've always heard it as & pronounced it 'Zhawn' but heard M'gann say 'Juh-on'. Was this simply an oversight? Did I imagine it? Am I simply being too nitpicky?
In any case, great job on the show. I have high respect for everyone working on this; it's pure gold. Every DCAU series before has been great in their own way, but YJ is definitely executed in an overall better way. Kudos!

Greg responds...

In our series, he's ALWAYS been J'onn, with a slight glottal stop after the J, which is how we interpret the transliteration. (I mean, why put the apostrophe in there at all, if it's not going to be honored?) Not Zhawn, which I know is how his name was pronounced in the JUSTICE LEAGUE series. Different series, different interpretations, different choices.

Response recorded on August 11, 2011