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Nicole writes...

Hi, I searching and didn't find this asked, but if it was, please excuse this!
1. I really don't have a problem with the Robin in YJ being Dick Grayson, but I'm wondering why is it that the developers picked Dick and not Tim Drake? I guess I was just looking forward to Tim since Dick got to be in Teen Titans.

2. In the episode Bereft, there is a quick flashback when M'gann is regaining memories of a white cheerleader who looks like M'gann (except white, not green) and says "Hello, Megan." Who is this girl? My friends and I speculate that the girl is from a TV show and M'gann emulated this girl's form and mannerisms (except becoming green to match J'onn) to fit in on Earth. This, though, implies that this isn't M'gann's true form (white martian, perhaps?) I know you don't want to spoil anything or give things away, but I thought I'd ask anyways.

Greg responds...

1. <sigh> I'm fairly confident this was asked and answered before, but - briefly: Tim's origin makes NO SENSE without Dick preceding him. And since we were doing EARLY days of Earth-16, it just made way more sense to go with Dick. The (I think arguable) notion that Dick was in Titans played no role in our decision. Neither did the (even more dubious) idea that it was somehow Tim's turn. Our cast was not in any way dictated by other series. We didn't chose to include or disinclude characters because of other shows. We just tried to do what was right for OUR series.


Response recorded on August 12, 2011