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Lulu writes...

I've been watching Young Justice since it first aired and I must say that I'm impressed. Even though it's not quite like the original comics it has a certain feel to it that makes it likeable and unique.

I just would like to know if I'm the only one who thinks that during the episode "Downtime", Superboy had this grim face all the time while watching television. Kinda sad, hahaha.
Are you going to keep the backstories as in the comics? I will not spoil, but I would like to know if Superboy will get his human name. That would be awesome.

You guys are doing a really great job. Disregard what others say, this is not at all like "Teen Titans". There are no really obvious anime references like the show used to, which was kind of annoying, and it is actually action packed.
The romances are kind of rushed too, but I can handle it given all the romance there was in the comics.

Keep up the awesome work!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 12, 2011