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JVT writes...

Absolutely love the work you are doing on Young Justice, just had a few questions about ideas and concepts created and dealt with by you and the rest of the YJ staff.

1. How do you find a balance between what you want to write, what DC will let you do and fandom desires and expectations?

2. The episode "Denial" reveals the existence of Justice Society and posits a superheroic history that is beyond the scope of the show; are fans to assume that the Young Justice universe follows the events of the main DC universe unless otherwise noted?

3. As Young Justice takes place on Earth-16, do you feel the freedom to alter and erase events from the main DC universe to fit your particular vision?

Greg responds...

1. The only consideration is what Brandon and I thinks works best for the series. DC isn't telling us to do anything, and they have been great partners, who have not restricted us at all. As for "fandom desires and expectations"... well, you need to keep in mind that the fans aren't monolithic. Some want X. Some want Y. But ultimately, Brandon and I are huge fans of all this stuff ourselves. So the best and only route that makes any sense is for us to passionately meet our desires and expectations, and then cross our fingers and hope a majority of our viewers agree.

2. No. One should assume nothing.

3. I wouldn't use the word "erase". But, in essence, yes.

Response recorded on August 12, 2011