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Anonymous writes...

Hi there, I've just been reading about CN's new DC Nation programming block that they're introducing and a couple of sites are saying that the block will be launched with a 10 episode spin-off miniseries of Young Justice called Invasion. I realise that more than likely you won't be able to (or indeed WANT to) go into any details about it, but I was wondering if it's something that you're directly involved in? I ask because I can't see how anyone else can fit a TEN episode arc into the tight-knit chronology that you've got going on in YJ. It also occurred to me that Invasion might just be the last ten episodes of the main show marketed as something different by CN (wouldn't be the first time). Anyway - the show is incredible, one of the best superhero shows ever, as far as I'm concerned.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 17, 2011