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Rob writes...


Not a question, just a few comments that I've been meaning to write since I first started reading this message board.

First of all Thank You! Thank you for making programming that is appropriate for children and still fun for adults. Thank you for Gargoyles, possibly the greatest cartoon of all time. I am 26 and I still record the late night showings on my DVR and watch them as a reminder to be noble even when it is not to my immediate benefit.

Thank you for hosting this site. It is incredible to me that you still answer Gargoyles, Spectacular Spiderman, as well as YJ questions. I know you must get frustrated with all the fishing questions, but it means more to me than I can express that you have given a forum to keep interest in Gargoyles and SS alive, even though the shows have been canceled.

I am so glad to learn that you are finding success with YJ. I've been excited to read about the toy line and the plans for the "Invasion" miniseries. If there is anyone who deserves this kind of success, it is you. Especially after the heartbreaking losses of your previous projects. I have also enjoyed some of the interviews regarding YJ that I have seen on Comicbookmovie.com and I hope that perhaps your success with YJ will give you a platform to pursue new projects in the future (or maybe old projects... I know... but a guy can dream).

A final thank you for all of the above, but particularly for all of your effort to keep producing quality programming even though I know your efforts in the past have not been met with near the acclaim they (and you) deserve.

Keep fighting the good fight and I know that your long time fans (me included) will continue to support you in your future ventures.

Most Sincerely,


Greg responds...

I wouldn't exactly call my previous projects "heartbreaking losses". That puts the whole thing in too negative a cast. In general, those were very successful projects - that simply ended before I could tell all the stories I wanted to tell. Doesn't that sound nicer?

And acclaim isn't really the goal. It's nice and all (most but not all of the time), but it's the work itself that gets me up in the morning. I can take or leave the acclaim. And the acclaim I have is plenty, believe me.

But thank you so much for the kind words and sympathy.

Response recorded on August 17, 2011