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O-nin writes...

I am loving Young Justice so far. The art is just phenomenal. Especially those underwater flowers in Downtime. Please pass my compliments along to the artists for the show. They're doing an amazing job.
The only bummer so far is not knowing how long before the dreaded hiatus comes to an end. My inner fangirl is so depressed, but we shall continue to wait it out. (I get like this whenever one of my shows like Psych and White Collar go on break, so don't take it to heart.) Besides, it's only making me look forward to when new episodes start airing again.
Which brings me to my question about future episodes. I know that in the comics, Superboy discovers that he has tactile telekinesis and it becomes one of his most used abilites. Assuming he still has TTK in Young Justice and that you are able to answer my question at this time, how far into the future will it be before this ability comes out? And will their latest "souvenir" play a part in this or is that a seperate thing entirely?
Thanks for the awesome show so far and taking the time to answer all of our questions.

Greg responds...

Sorry, no "tactile telekinesis". It's not one of Superman's powers.

Response recorded on August 19, 2011