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Matt writes...

Looking at the reprsentations of griffins in art, sculpture and works of fiction, I noticed that most have erect pointed ears. Obviously, the character of Griff does not have these external ears. Since you have in the past noted that you and/or the production team thought that Griff's design turned out to be a bit Foghorn Leghornish, was the idea to include the distinctive griffin ears ever considered to make Griff stand out a bit more? Was there some reason the ears were not included on the finished model? Finally, do you suppose that some gargoyles of the London Clan are griffin-like and do have these ears?

Thanks, Greg!

Greg responds...

I just can't remember any discussion of Griffin ears.

And, as always, I wouldn't tie a designers hands in advance by dictating things too specifically here.

Response recorded on November 16, 2011