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lLight writes...

Hello, Greg

1. In “Drop Zone”, while Kid Flash was examining the Kobra Venom properties, he notes that it is three times stronger than the Blockbuster formula, and permanent. Man, was I surprised when I saw Desmond in “Terrors” still in his mutated form. I am guessing the Blockbuster formula is permanent, too, right? If so, what was the point of differentiating the Kobra Venom from Blockbuster on the grounds of one being permanent and the other not being permanent?

2. In “Independence Day”, when Aquaman tried to calm Roy down, Roy angrily talked back to him, and made sure to tell him he was not his son. Roy then turned to Green Arrow and said, “I’m not even his.” Roy is adopted in this universe, correct? Why did he have to bring that up to Green Arrow? What was the point?

3. Is Superboy’s birthday Independence day?

Greg responds...

1. Kid Flash was differentiating Kobra Venom from Venom (i.e. what Bane uses) not from Blockbuster.

2. I'll leave that to your interpretation.

3. Nope.

Response recorded on December 01, 2011