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Finister2 writes...

1) Could you give us a hint of whom is voicing the Joker, is it some who has voiced him before or someone from Gargoyles/Spider-Man?
2) Was Brick being honest when he said Joker from in Belle Reve, or was it part of his joke?
3) Will the rest of the Team know about Superboy and Miss Martian's kiss?
4) How did Ivo end up in Belle Reve?
5) Can you tell us who else was in Belle Reve that we did not see?
6) Who was the pony-tailed tattooed lady helping Killer Frost brake the Belle Reve wall?
7) Was Icicle, Sr.'s plan meant to fail, or was he actually expecting to escape?
8) Why wasn't the Riddler at Arkham Asylun if Freeze was?

Greg responds...

1. Brent Spiner.

2. It was a joke.

3. That specific kiss?

4. The Justice League caught him.

5. You exhaust me.

6. Devastation.

7. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.


Response recorded on December 05, 2011