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Superman fan writes...

Hey greg I wouñd like to ask some questions regarding side characters

Has Cat grant worked in the Daily planet as a newspaper reporter?
Why haven't we seen Lois lane reporting close to the big news as cat grant?
Is Cat Grant more influential/ famous than Lois Lane?
Has clark Kent ever worked with cat grant?
Has Lois Lane earned the pulitzer prixe in earth 16?
How famous/influential is clark kent as a reporter?

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. Because we've been showing television reports, not print reports.

3. I don't know about influential, but Cat is a national television correspondent and Lois is a local newspaper reporter, so you can do the math on "fame".

4. Not directly, no.

5. No. Neither has Clark.

6. About the same as Lois.

Response recorded on December 28, 2011