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Devin Leigh Michaels writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman:

Hope all is well. I enjoyed Gargoyles when I was growing up, and I felt compelled to write you after reading through all 647 comments on the Young Justice archive.

I LOVE Young Justiceâ€"not like but LOVEâ€"and when I read a comment that this show is the one with most negative comments, I wanted to tip the scales. I liked JLU and B:BATB, but YJ is the first show I truly believe took the mythos of the DCU and not only created a show that was true to these roots but still made a unique premise. It’s familiar and new at the same time, true to everything that makes the DCU great. I’ve downloaded all the episodes from iTunes onto my phone, and I listen to them as I load contracts. XD!

I really love how the show focuses on the teenagers but doesn’t ignore the adults (like TT). Characters on the show have never been ignored. When you focus on Wally or Dick or Artemis, you still have the others play significant roles in the episode, and the cameos are AMAZING! From Barabara Gordon to Jay Garrick, you’ve forgotten no one, and you’ve used almost everyone! I try to keep a tally, always adding new ones. I know it’s been said 135 people through the first sixteen episodes, so I’m trying to find all the characters.

A few random thoughts:

1. Love Dick’s word play. I actually have started looking up words and their meanings, like “traught.” It’s really cool to see the root words! (My mom’s an English teacher, so it works well with her classes, too.)
2. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see in the show/comic where Wally knows Dick’s real name, so I liked being able to read that in the archives.
3. Kaldur and Garth were awesome! I loved how the show gave us an in-depth look at Atlantis and how it is the same and different in the mainstream DCU. (I love Kaldur, too, and I like his role as a leader. It makes sense that he would be in charge rather than the young Robin, and Kaldur leads the Team awesomely!) I know you’ve said that Garth is Kaldur’s best friend, so I hope we see more of him on the show eventually. (Not a back door spoiler request. XD! Just hope he comes back.)
4. I originally thought the Light was Lex Luthor, but I like that it’s seven people. It makes us wonder who they are. Same with the traitor plot that’s now coming out. I don’t think it’s Red Tornado since he didn’t turn until after the other robots came back online, but I like that there isn’t someone we really know is the traitor. I’ve spoken with watchers in my LCS, and all of us have different people we think it is. XD!
Thanks for putting out such a great show, and I appreciate these archives and your willingness to answer questions. I actually won’t ask anything because I’m sure anything I would, would either receive a “no comment” or “spoiler request,” so I’ll just end with this:

Good luck to the show. I hope it runs for many seasons and I get a higher paying job, so I can continue to buy the episodes off of iTunes for my phone.


Devin Leigh Michaels

Greg responds...

Thank you!

As I've mentioned before, most of the negativity has toned way down this round. But POSITIVITY is always nice! ;)

Response recorded on December 30, 2011