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Mugabi writes...

1.) Why doesn't Superman have super breath in this series?
2.) How strong is Captain Marvel? Is his strength in the same league as Superman's?
3.) How durable is Captain Marvel? I ask because it was hinted in "Alpha Male" that a laser that could cut through steel could cut through him.

Greg responds...

1. It's a power that has NEVER made any sense to me. The VOLUME of Superman's lungs is no larger than a human's. I don't care how powerful he is, he just can't take in enough air to make his breath worthwhile. And the notion that he can super-freeze that air makes even less sense to me.

2. He's strong. He's in the ballpark of Superman, but neither are probably as strong on YJ as they've grown to become in the comics.

3. Brain never got the chance to test that theory.

Response recorded on December 30, 2011