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Todd Jensen writes...

You've mentioned how, in the Gargoyles Universe, you see Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone as being one and the same. One thing that I found myself wondering lately was whether you'd ever worked out a plan to reconcile these two different accounts of how King Arthur got his sword.

After all, the "Lady of the Lake" account of how Arthur received Excalibur portrays him as receiving it from her some time after he became King via the Sword in the Stone, so that if Excalibur was the Sword in the Stone, he would already have it by the time that he met her. (Of course, as I recall, the movie "Excalibur" did manage to reconcile the two different versions by having Excalibur be broken under the strain when Arthur used it to defeat Lancelot and then being briefly returned to the Lady of the Lake, who restores it and gives it back to Arthur).

Of course, if you've managed to find a solution yet, you're probably choosing (and understandably so) to keep it secret for now to be saved for the possible future occasion that you get to do the "Pendragon" spin-off, but I was still wondering if you'd ever come up with a way to reconcile the two different origin-stories, seeing that you treat them as both true in the Gargoyles Universe.

Greg responds...

Well, I kinda believe (generally) in consolidation. So, for example, the Stone of Destiny is also the stone from the Sword in the Stone. The Weird Sisters are Fates, Graces and Furies, etc.

So, yes, I see Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone as being one and the same in the Gargoyles Universe. As to the exact how, well, I'd tend to follow the lead of the movie "Excalibur," probably. But I'll admit, I haven't given the specifics much thought.

Response recorded on August 14, 2003