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Todd Jensen writes...

In "Cloud Fathers", Xanatos makes his famous quip to Goliath and Angela about how his acid trap that will spill over them and the Coyote Carving is "my first real stab at cliched villainy".

Recently, I realized that in Xanatos' next appearance in "Gargoyles", "Future Tense" (if that one counts, since the Xanatos in that episode was a deception twice over), he displayed a *lot* of cliched villainy (openly taking over New York, turning most of the population into Mutates, planning world domination, etc.). I don't know if that line in "Cloud Fathers" was intended as a foreshadowing, but it became all the more fun after I thought of it in connection with "Future Tense".

Greg responds...

If it's fun... then we all win!

Response recorded on February 02, 2012