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Paul writes...

1) Are Zatara and Zatanna celebrities, since the former doesn't seem to have a secret identity or disguise who he is in any way? Are they well known to the people of New York?
2) Why is it that Michael McCuiston, Kristopher Carter and Lolita Ritmanis always compose each episode's music together? When they worked on Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans etc, each one of them tackled a different episode, an approach that I felt worked extremely well. Would you ever consider letting them compose individual episodes on their own, 'splitting duties' as it were?
3) Is Zatanna attracted to Robin?
4) Not to be pedantic or anything, but shouldn't "Homefront" and "Coldhearted" be "Home Front" and "Cold Hearted"? Homefront and Coldhearted aren't actual words to my knowledge.
5) Do the other members of the Light find Klarion annoying?
6) Was Paula Crock ever married?
7) How did Harm's parents die? Did he kill them?
8) Since Garth and Tula were referred to as Tempest and Aquagirl on the Comic-Con playing cards, can that be taken as an indication that they will assume those aliases in the near future on the show?
9) Which was your favourite season 1 episode to write?
10) Why hasn't Artemis's crush on Superboy been touched on in episodes other than "Infiltrator" and "Secrets"?

Greg responds...

1. Zatara is. Zatanna has been out of the spotlight largely

2. We're not enforcing anything. But as long as I've worked with them, i.e. since SpecSpidey, this is how THEY have chosen to work.

3. What do you think?

4. They are, actually.

5. Not generally. I certainly don't.

6. Yes. See issue #7 of the YJ companion comic book.

7. Probably.

8. Eventually.

9. My mind doesn't work that way. They're all like my kids. Even the ones I didn't write. But I'll admit, I was pretty proud of the synergistic elements within "Misplaced".

10. It has. It's just subtle, I suppose. It's also been in the comics. Ultimately, there's only so much screen time, though, I guess to focus on it.

Response recorded on March 06, 2012