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Maria Destine writes...

Hello again, Greg!!
It's later now! ^_^
I'm not sure how this can be answered, but it's kind of a 'what if scenerio'. What if Goliath and Elisa had been able to have a child naturally? What if they did decide for it? What would happen to make it possible?
You've mentioned before that neither of them would be comfortable going for either science or sorcery. But wht if they decided they wanted a child badly enough? Would they choose science or sorcery? Also, would Goliath become human for Elisa? Or would Elisa become a gargoyle for Goliath?
This probably can't be answered either way, but I thought I'ld ask. I was more curious of what 'could possibly' happen. They're my fav characters. I'm sure they wouldv'e lived happy lives regardless, but I was just curious if something like the above might make life easier for them. Then again, it might make life more difficult. Even for the child if it should be half and half. I mean, someone pointed out that not everyone may accept him/her. Or, he/she would feel like an outcast. And so, that sort of brings another question to mind; How would their 'possible' joining effect their child later in the future?
Thanks again. :)

Greg responds...

Not being who you are, who you FUNDAMENTALLY are, even if it's for someone you love beyond measure, isn't ever, in my opinion, going to make ANYONE happy. Goliath can't be a human. Elisa can't be a gargoyle. Their love transcends species. But it doesn't transcend their identities. Those identities are part of what makes them who they are, part of what makes them lovable to each other.

So we're back to where we started. They can't have children by normal means, because neither is going (assuming they had the option) to switch species. So is it science or sorcery? You ask what if they wanted a child badly enough? But wanting a child badly doesn't mandate science or sorcery. The answer is obvious and much more human. Much more gargoylean too for that matter.

Basically, you're hypothetical doesn't fly in any direction, at least not without ignoring so much about what we know about the two characters that it renders any answer pointless.


Response recorded on July 07, 2000