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Greg Bishansky writes...


The fourth episode in a row to completely knock it out of the park. I am speechless. I suppose I shouldn't be, as I never disliked the show, I just didn't love it. But the creative team behind it has long ago earned my trust, and that trust has been paying off. This episode was great.

Let me be honest, up until now, I didn't care for Miss Martian, or that catch phrase. I wasn't complaining about it like other people were, because I knew that there is no way this team would put something as annoying as M'Gann crying "hello, Megan!" into the show without a damn good reason. While I saw the twist coming, I wasn't quite prepared for just how dark and disturbing the revelation would really be. In one fell swoop, she's become one of the darker characters on the team... a role that, for the most part, was held by Artemis. They weren't kidding when they said the theme of the season was "secrets and lies" and M'Gann is a pathological liar. Frying the brains of her friends, and maybe mindwiping Psimon just to keep her secret.

I figured she modeled herself after a sitcom star, but I was unaware of just how much. She even named Connor after "Megan's" love interest in the sitcom. Cute theme song for that sitcom, by the way. Very 1980's. But Garfield was wrong, it can't be that rare a series, since it was on TV in Artemis' apartment several episodes back. Marie Logan was justified in being put off by her at first. Although it was touching when Marie finally came around after M'Gann saved her son's life.

And here's a quick note, Connor and M'Gann are kinky teens. I don't know how far they've actually gone together, but I tend to think they've done more than kiss by now. Who else has she transformed into when they've gotten busy? Okay, enough of my verbal voyeurism... but that was a pretty big entendre.

I enjoyed the return of Psimon, especially when he got into M'Gann's head and tore down all her defenses laying all of her secrets out in front of her. Her true form is... hideous. Monstrous even. I feel bad saying so about what we've been told in the past is an oppressed minority... but I am curious as to exactly how much Martian Manhunter knows about her. And what else has she lied about? Her entire life is, at this point, a lie... and now she is beginning to feel the consequences of those lies, and it's only going to get worse for her. But, suddenly, I like this character. I didn't like her before now, but... talk about a one-eighty.

The conflict between Bialya and Qurac was nice, and pretty topical considering current events in the Middle East. We've gone through Arab Spring and the toppling of tyrannical regimes. I know Bialya is an acronym for Libya, and sadly they haven't had a chance to put down their own dictator, but as a political junkie, this made it even more fun to watch.

I can't end this review without mentioning Queen Bee, and Marina Sirtis. I've been waiting to see, and hear, more of her and I was not disappointed. The way the episode ended, I know we'll be seeing and hearing even more from her and I cannot get enough of Marina's voice. But I've been a big fan of Marina Sirtis for longer than either of us would care to admit, which is funny considering I never much cared for the character of Deanna Troi. Marina may have been put on the map by playing the nicest character in the universe, but villainous roles like Demona and now, Queen Bee, are where she shines. I definitely cracked a smile at that line about how Queen Bee can enthrall "most men and some women" although, I tend to think that's a Marina Sirtis ability more than anything... fifty-six years old, and still gorgeous.

Loved it, can't wait to see what comes next.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on May 22, 2012