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Anonymous writes...

1. After "Misplaced" does Zatanna still zeta-beam to go to school in Manhattan, or did she transfer schools to Happy Harbor?
2. Who becomes Zatanna's legal guardian (since she's still a minor) after "Misplaced"?
3. What responsibilities did Batman take on when he gave Zatara his word that he'd take care of Zatanna?

Greg responds...

1. She finishes the semester in Manhattan but decides to transfer to Happy Harbor High School in December.

2. Batman offered - even offered to reveal his secret identity and have her move in with him and Robin - but Zatanna insisted that Zatara remain her legal guardian and elected to move into the Cave rather than Batman's home. Batman agreed on the condition that she agree to view Batman, John Smith and Dinah Lance as her surrogate parents until Zatara could be recovered.

3. Parental, shared with Tornado and Canary.

Response recorded on May 22, 2012