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Paul writes...

Why do you put the words 'Produced by Brandon Vietti & Greg Weisman' at the start of each episode (post theme song)? Why not just put them at the start of the end credits instead? The title, writer and director all change with each episode, so I understand why they have a place onscreen while the episode is unfolding, but the producer names are always the same and people don't really need reminding. I understand that you and Brandon Vietti most likely don't want your names to be overlooked, but I think viewers prefer there to be as little listed information onscreen as possible when the episode is playing (essentials like the episode title aside).

Greg responds...

Well, see, it has nothing to do with "changing credits". All our credits change EVERY episode. (I mean there are a handful of people who work on everything, but most of our crew works on some episodes, but not all.) All you have to do is compare any two sets of end credits, and you'd see that.

But those credits at the end are shrunk and sped up and go by very fast, and we feel - and Warner Bros' supports us on this - that four people per episode deserve a bit more prominence, i.e. the writer, director and the two producers. So, yeah, that means Brandon and I get an Act One credit every episode, but I gotta say, I don't feel too guilty about it. We work VERY hard on this stuff, and we're very careful where we place the credits so that they're not too distracting. And INCLUDING the title, it's only four cards total. So... you'll have to learn to live with it, I'm afraid.

Response recorded on August 14, 2012