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Eagle-Owl writes...

YJ Questions:

1. Are the members of The Light immune to telepathic control (or at least from members of their own ranks)?

2. Queen Bee has the power to enthrall most men and some women, so why hasn't she usurped control from Vandal Savage or turned other members of The Light against him?

3. Same as number two, but with Psimon instead of Queen Bee. Also, is Psimon catatonic after his recent battle with M'gann?

4. Why doesn't Klarion try to take control of The Light considering that he IS the embodiment of chaos?

5. If the Genomorphs want to be accepted, why don't they just use their telepathy to achieve their goals?

Greg responds...

1. No comment.

2. Why would she?

3. You're assuming the grown-ups can't play nice.

3a. For the time being.

4. Since when is Chaos about 'Control".

5. How would that help them achieve their goals?

Response recorded on August 15, 2012