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Anonymous writes...

I know it was just a fun nod to DOCTOR WHO in "Insecurity", but I still gotta ask the question: does the fact that the Star City Zeta-Beam portal terminates in a police box mean that police boxes are (or were) commonplace in the America of Earth-16? I mean, presumably the League would want to conceal the portals in inconspicuous places. And the only thing I can figure is that a police box would be a good disguise only if they were otherwise commonplace. As a long-term fan of the multiverse it would be a cool thing to say that one of the distinguishing features of Earth-16 was the widespread use of police public call boxes in North America as well as Britain. (By the way, kudos to not only giving a sly nod to DOCTOR WHO in general, but specifically the 1966 serial, "The War Machines'. The "out of order" sign made me howl with laughter.)

Greg responds...

You may be giving me a little TOO MUCH credit. I'm not specifically familiar with "The War Machines." The out of order sign is a natural way for the league to keep folks away from the box.

As for the commonplaceness of it... I'm fine leaving that to your imagination.

Response recorded on August 15, 2012