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Rebecca writes...

1. Where does Red Arrow live now, specifically, (an apartment, rented/bought house, bungalow, lives purely on justice alone, etc) now that he (probably?) isn't living with Green Arrow anymore?

2. You mentioned before that Zatanna went to a private catholic school in New York. Now that she doesn't have her father (to pay tuition!), and she lives at Mt. Justice in Happy Harbor, where would she be going to school, if at all?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

AQUALAD: "After Roy went solo, he installed equipment caches in several major cities."

[From "Young Justice" episode 126, " Auld Acquaintance." Originally aired April 21, 2012.]

Greg Weisman says:

"Zatanna finishes the semester in Manhattan and then transfers for the NEW semester to Happy Harbor High in JANUARY."

[Response recorded on May 22, 2012.]

Response recorded on May 25, 2012