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CGYJ writes...

Hello, Mr. Greg Weisman,

This is my 33rd posting. I have something VERY critically important to ask you. Please do not delete this posting no matter what!

You may recall from one of my earlier postings that I was telling you about how the existence of the DC multiverse was in question after the events of the DC crossover event “Flashpoint.” Then I told you how it seemed like they are starting the DC multiverse all over again with the reintroduction of parallel Earths in May (based on the May 2012 solicitation descriptions of Earth Two and Action Comics). The only two parallel Earths from the old DC multiverse (don’t forget there was New Earth and 51 other parallel Earths at that time) that did not seem affected by the relaunch were Earth-1 (the setting for DC: Earth One graphic novels) and Earth-16 (the setting for Young Justice). However, with this realization, I failed to consider the possibility that these two parallel Earths MIGHT NOT exist in the rebooted multiverse (even though we don’t know that for sure yet)! In the case of Young Justice, have you or your co-workers ever confirmed with the higher-ups who work in DC Comics about whether or not Earth-16 still exist in the post-Flashpoint DC multiverse? I’m sure it would create conflict if someone tried to use Earth-16 without realizing that you and your crew are already using it. This is an extremely important question that I’m asking you, so I hope your response can shed some light on the matter.

Thank you very much for reading this. It is my fault that I didn’t ask you about this sooner, but I hope to hear from your response very soon!

Greg responds...

I have no light to shed, I'm afraid. DC knows what we're up to, and they know we're using Earth-16. We've had no further discussions about it relative to Flashpoint or the New 52.

Response recorded on August 24, 2012