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russianspy1234 writes...

These might be spoilerific but I'll try anyway.

1. Is the green martian body that Miss Martian showed as her "true" form what green martians really look like in this continuity, or do they look like their typical more monstrous selves shown in other continuities?

2. Has Dr. Fate not thought to split body time with someone? It would have been a lot easier for him to convince someone to give up their body a few hours a day than permanently.

3. Parasite's plan was to open a black hole, directly above him... Did he have an escape plan?

Greg responds...

1a. No.

1b. They look like her White Martian form. Only, you know, greeen.


3. The question is really: What was Intergang's plan?

Response recorded on August 28, 2012