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Anonymous writes...

I'm a big fan of multiverses in DC and Marvel Comics, and that's just because each universe presents something that makes them unique from other universes. The problem with handling a multiverse in a comics industry appears to be that sometimes you introduce a parallel Earth, give it a little background information, and eventually you never hear about it again or it is rarely mentioned at all. I remember some time ago that when the DC multiverse crossover event called "Infinite Crisis" ended, the result created a mainstream Earth (New Earth/Earth-0) and 51 other parallel Earths. The parallel Earths (most of them anyway) were introduced in some way in a comic book series called "52." In the years following the introduction of that particular series, I have noticed many contradictions concerning what is canonically the official 51 parallel Earths (not including the mainstream Earth) within the DC multiverse. The problem got bigger when I realized the DC multiverse was rebooted when the DC crossover event "Flashpoint" was finished. After reading Action Comics #8, the tagline at the end of the issue mentioned the introduction of a Superman from Earth-23 in the new DC multiverse. This confused me because I thought that the cartoon series "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" took place on Earth-23 (pre-relaunch of course), which already had its own version of Superman in it. I read on the Internet last night that some people believe that DC cartoons that take place on parallel Earths may not be canon. SO, in the case of your Young Justice cartoon/comic series, is your interpretation of Earth-16 truly a part of the official DC multiverse as one of the 51 parallel Earths, even NOW since the DC multiverse is rebooted?

Greg responds...

Honestly, I don't know.

Since the new 52, perhaps things have changed for the PTB@DC.

But until someone tells me otherwise, Earth-16 is still part of a parallel universe within the DC Multiverse. Frankly, I'm not sure I EVER understood why there were ONLY 52 parallel Earths. Either something is singular or it's infinite. But those are all decisions made above my paygrade.

Response recorded on August 28, 2012