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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg. By the time you read this, season one will be long over. There's one thing that I still don't understand. Who created those ice fortresses in "Coldhearted," and why? I'm not asking for a spoiler; I'm just wondering if there's an obvious answer that I missed. Were the ice fortresses just another part of the favor Vandal owed Vertigo? It doesn't seem to advance the Light's cause which may be something more than just taking over the world. Did Vandal cover the U.S. with snow just to stop Princess Perdita from getting a new heart? Isn't that a bit extreme to kill one little girl?

Greg responds...

The ice fortresses were designed by the five ice villains. The Light was indeed working with Vertigo, because having him in control of Vlatava works in their favor, just as it works in their favor that Bialya is ruled by Queen Bee.

Response recorded on August 28, 2012