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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

I would to say that "Usual Suspects" is one of the very best episodes of Season One. You and your co-workers did a fantastic job! Now for the questions.

1. This Rocket character… I believe that she had a non-speaking role for at least two episodes if I’m not mistaken. I’m glad she’s been given a voice actress, which almost sounds similar to the person who voiced Virgil Hawkins’ sister in “Static Shock.” “Usual Suspects” has already have her established as a member of The Team at this point. Why wasn’t she shown to be properly introduced to the other members of The Team (within the show) and vice versa? I think this was the only point within the episode that has gotten me somewhat confused; otherwise, everything else was great.

2. The crowd was laughing (but not in an insulting way) after Superman made a comment about how one of the three values that the Justice League upholds is also part of the team’s name. Was that supposed to be Superman’s bad attempt at humor or something? Is it rare for Superman to try to be humorous?

3. If Miss Martian was able to permanently remove/block the “red sun” programming in Superboy’s mind, did Superboy had to TELL Miss Martian about it first in order for her to help him or was she presumably able to LOOK into all of the potentially dangerous programming (that was installed) within his mind and got rid of them all?

4. As demonstrated in the episode, Batman preferred working at the Watchtower rather than joining the celebration party for the new Justice League members. When Green Arrow and rest of the previous Justice League members joined within the last seven years (prior to 2010), did Batman ever did that same routine of “business first and celebration later”?

5. While the cliffhanger on “Usual Suspects” took me by surprise, why was it ultimately decided to have this episode to show the cliffhanger instead of the final episode of Season One, which will air in the coming week? If it seems like this question sounds ridiculous, please recall/remember the question from one of my earlier postings, in which I told you my thoughts about the nature of cliffhangers on television shows.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. I look forward to the Season finale with much anticipation!

Greg responds...

1. We felt that she was introduced as much as necessary.

2a. It was his attempt at humor. Though I wouldn't say it was "bad". Just a little chuckle for everyone to share.

2b. He's not a laugh riot, but he's not grim.

3. Knowing the kind of thing to look for, she was able to clean out "Red Sun" and check for the rest. But there was nothing in there except "Red Sun". As stated in the episode.

4. Ever? Probably.

5. I'm afraid I can't remember past posts that clearly. But I think the end of "Usual Suspects" and "Auld Acquaintance" both worked well and require no justification from me.

Response recorded on August 28, 2012