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Anonymous writes...

I love Young Justice, I love how you put a lot of emotional problems and and painful things that the team will go through.

1. What made you chose Sportsmaster/Lawrence Crock to be this amazing bad-ass villain? They're probably other assassin's you could've used but you turn a very funny Golden-Age comic villain character in to one of the most dangerous bad guys in the series so far?

2. Does Lawrence still care about Paula? So far he is disappointed at both his daughters?

I love that there is this complicated dynamic in this family and drama really unfolds little by little in the series.
I hope you continue your success in season 2!

Greg responds...

1. Always liked him. But mostly, we liked the dynamic we saw as possible between Huntress, Sportsmaster and Artemis (and adding Cheshire in seemed very workable).

2. Disappointment is transitory with this guy, I think. I think he still has feelings for Paula - to the extent he has feelings.

Response recorded on August 29, 2012