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IBGame writes...

I just watched Usual Suspects today- great episode, I might add- and I have one major question.

Artemis is reveals the identity of her mother as "Huntress". Was she not the Tigress in this universe or is she an amalgamation of both (kind of how Earth 16 Robin has many Tim Drake traits)?

Greg responds...

1. She was just Huntress, which was the character's original name in the comics anyway.

2. And for the record, Earth-16 [Season One] Robin has only ONE real Tim Drake trait - i.e. his hacking ability, which seems like a natural for ANY modern day reinterpretation of Robin. The only other Tim Drake 'trait' I can see is LONG PANTS. All of which, should, I hope, be even clearer now that we've introduced Tim Drake. I would think the contrasts are obvious. Our Grayson was never Drake. And hopefully our Drake is not Grayson either.

Response recorded on August 29, 2012