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The black guy writes...

As a kid, I grew up watching superhero cartoons. I watched Spider-man(loved him), Superman(hated him), Batman, and etc. I thought to myself, "There is not a fly in the milk." It wasn't until Justice League Unlimited(Jon Stewart was awesome) and Static Shock where I could see Superheroes who looked liked me. The same culture as me. Green Lantern was raised in the projects and regularly got his haircut in Barbershop just like mine. Static had that same parent who acted just like mine did. What I am trying to say is thank you. Thank you for being so open minded with established characters and having the foresight to think that not all kids in America or the world have to have that "Great White Hero." Adding Icon and Rocket to the Young Justice was a great homage to Dwayne McDuffie, the man who made those characters or pushed for the inclusion of those characters in the mainstream. I'm glad that my little girl can have that same cathartic feeling about Rocket as I did for Static and Jon Stewart.

Greg responds...

Just to be clear, I was a huge fan of Dwayne's work - and specifically of Icon and Rocket. Denys Cowan and I developed an Icon & Rocket series for DreamWorks back in the late nineties, but we weren't able to sell it.

But from a timing standpoint, the decision to include Icon and Rocket in YJ came LONG BEFORE Dwayne's sudden passing. In hindsight, it was a tribute. But at the time, we just loved the characters, which is another kind of tribute in and of itself.

Response recorded on August 30, 2012