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Jasser writes...

Is all magic the same?-That was horribly worded, what I mean to ask is,like... is Zatanna's backwards spells technically and different from Atlantian Tattoo magic or Lord of Chaos fire? I can see they are visually different and have different levels of strength, but could,say Doctor Fate preform all of them? Is one inherently more potent then another? How can all these sub-sects exist of the exact same thing-or are they not all the same thing? I'm not certain what i'm asking here,and I really am sorry for that-but it's bothering my brain.

and since that was a paragraph and not a list..

1.How do the seperate branches of magic relate to each other?
1a. are they all on the same ''magic scale''? (if you can preform a really powerful magic like doctor fate, would you just as easily be able to preform lesser magic like the Atlanteans).
1b. Is one inherently stronger/difficult then another?
1c. Did they develop independent of each other but are virtually the same? (that wasn't meant to be a yes/no question...I don't know how to word it differently).

I'm keeping the paragraph because I think it illustrates my thoughts better, but I think you'd prefer just to outline the questions I listed.Wish I could previous this, I'm afraid it's going to look like an annoying wall of text! grr..

(Also, I just discovered I asked a question alittle while ago that was already asked, sorry! For these I just ctrl + F'd the words "magic", "spell(s)" and "sorcery")

Greg responds...

A. All everything ultimately is energy. But no, all magic is not the same.

B. There are different rules.

C. Doctor Fate could probably accomplish by his own means most everything Zatanna could do, but he would go about it differently.

D. A Lord of Order or Chaos is way more powerful than Zatara or Zatanna.

E. Think of it this way: all life on earth is carbon-based. But that doesn't mean you have much in common with a fern.

1. See above.

1a. See above.

1b. See above.

1c. Yes, they developed independently, but ultimately it's all a redistribution of energy.

Response recorded on August 30, 2012