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Jasser writes...

*sigh* again..

1. Were the side effects of the shields intentional(on Luthor or whoever's point)?

about the shields.
It's very confusing to me, they SUPPRESS his human DNA, but that gives parasite MORE to drain,and also makes him easier to recover his powers;that works like the shields give him Kriptonian genetics instead of suppressing the human DNA that's dominating. Shouldn't parasite, as Superboy suggested, just absorb his genetic potential, even with the human side suppressed? It's not like the shields temporarily change his entire genetic structure...I think.That doesn't make any sense(then again, it is a microscopic plausibility issue compared to the series as a whole, and I don't complain about THAT)... I also could just be misinterpreting parasites power.Wonder if he could absorb tornado or fate or a sharks powers.He spoke of his powers in terms of genetics, but that could just be for this specific case with Aliens, and acrobatics arn't genetic, but DNA isn't learned...I've just confused myself.

so I guess my question, after that exasperated ramble of a build up...

2.What exactly do the shields do to superboy?

Greg responds...

1. Heh heh heh...

2. You lost me in your paragraph. But the answer to your actual question here is exactly what you stated: they suppress Superboy's human DNA, allowing his Kryptonian side to blossom without interference. They also seem to effect his brain chemistry.

Response recorded on August 30, 2012