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Hawkfan writes...

1. Out of uniform/costume, are there any significant physiological difference between Thanagarians and humans along the same lines as those between humans and kryptonians, or humans and Martians (ie slowed aging, enhanced strength or vision, weakness to elements etc.)?

2. Would you please clarify Hawkman and Hawkwoman's powers on Earth 16? (as an aside, I hope they have some form of telescopic vision, I always like when that was included as part of their powers in the comics)

3. We've only seen Hawkman and Hawkwoman use maces so far. Are these special Thanagarian maces and do they ever use other archaic style weaponry (ie spears, nets, swords, or shields)?

4. At top flight speed can the Hawks keep up with the likes of Superman and Captain Marvel?

5. In the comics, the Hawks feared using Thanagarian weapons and technology on Earth in case they fell into the wrong hands. Thus they started using ancient Earth weaponry instead. Does this part of their origin hold true on Earth-16?

I love the show and the character designs for Hawkman and Hawkwoman on Earth-16. I hope at some point you delve into how they came to be on Earth in the first place. Also, I hope we get more scenes that focus on how the media and the general public react to the League and superheroes. I loved hearing the reporters questions after the induction ceremony in the Usual Suspects. It's always fascinating to think about how ordinary people would react to such a strange world. Also, I hope we get more school scenes for Wally, Dick, and Artemis.

Young Justice deserves 10 seasons and a movie. Keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

1. Well, there are the wings...

2. No.


4. If all four are each flying at their top speed, then no.


Response recorded on August 30, 2012