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Derek writes...

In some ways it seems the surviving Gargoyles were quite lucky with who survived. As Hudson was elderly and the trio were teens, none were in a position to challenge Goliath even if they wanted to. There was a very clear chain of command. There was also no females, so there was no conflict amongst the males about mates up until Angela joined.
1)What would have happened if Goliath had survived with a female group or predominatly female group of Gargoyles such as Hyppolyta, Desdemona or True for example/etc? Would he have felt obligated to take a mate from this group to preserve his species?
2)What if all the survivors were of Goliath's generation? After what happened with Wyvern would these adults in their prime have still accepted Goliath's leadership?(E.G Iago, Coldstone, Desdemona, Hyppolyta etc)
P.S If you think the questions are too general could you please answer regarding the characters that we've met or you've told us about from the Wyvern Clan. Thanks.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not interested in hypotheticals.

2. Ditto. It's not about whether the question is too general or specific, it's the very nature of the question that puts me off. Everything is about context. A hypothetical brings no context except what the answerer chooses to add. And for me to create proper context for questions like these, I'd have to write entire series with the revised scenario ... and I'm not about to do that here.

Response recorded on September 18, 2012