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Corrie "Cormak" McDermott writes...

Hi Greg,
I have some questions about Goliath and Elisa.

1. You've said that Goliath started falling in love with Elisa pretty early on. And that he fell in love with her before he even understood how attractive she was physically. By Elisa's reactions in various episodes it seemed that she knew he was falling for her and she tried to deny the truth for a while. Not only his feelings but hers as well. Obviously by what happened in Hunter's Moon I , II and III she realized that she was in love with him and she let him know. Did she fall in love him because of the way he has protected her and his personality?

1a. Did she find him attractive physically?

1b. or both?

2. I've read your comments that Elisa and Goliath would realize that their relationship before it really started was impossible and they would date members of their own species, possibly at a Halloween party. Would this party have been the first time they dated since the breakup?

2a. Also would it be at this party that they would both realize that they still loved each other?

2b. or would that have been later on down the road?

3. Does Elisa know that Goliath was watching her and Jason in her apartment? (Hunter's Moon Part II)

3a. If not, would Goliath ever tell her?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I think Elisa probably thinks he's good looking too, but yes, it's who he is inside that really attracts her. In my opinion, anyway.

1a. I think so.

1b. Both, yeah. I gotta start reading ahead.

2. I think so. But it's not a party so much as a night out. At least in my mind.

2a. Yes.

2b. I don't think they ever stopped loving each other, but they tried to let logic and reason dictate their feelings. By the end of this Halloween adventure, they'd realize that it was pointless to supress their feelings. Certainly unfair to their dates.

3. Not sure. Don't think so.

3a. It seems unnecessary now.

Response recorded on January 30, 2003