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Anonymous writes...

So far in the Young Justice series, Superman's only weakness as we've seen thus far is exposure to green Kryptonite. What other weaknesses does Superman have which haven't been shown but can be confirmed for sure in Earth-16 continuity? And would those same weaknesses affect Superboy in a similar manner (considering he's half human as it is shown that green kryptonite hurts him on somewhat of a reduced level)?

Greg responds...

I've never understood where people got the notion that Superboy was less effected by the Kryptonite. I've seen that sequence over and over, and I just don't get it.

Anyway, Superman and Superboy don't have any other specific weaknesses that I can think of. But in general, our versions of both characters are not as all-powerful as other versions have been. So lots of things can hurt them.

Superman has fairly massive (how should I put this), um, 'ultimate invulnerability', i.e. ultimately there's not a lot - besides Kryptonite - that can do a lot of permanent damage to the guy. I think the best example is the bomb that destroyed Malina Island. It hurt him, knocked him unconscious, but ultimately he was physically fine.

Superboy is not quite as tough. I can't seem him surviving that blast at point blank range the way Superman did. But as we've seen time and time again, though there's plenty that can knock him down and/or out, there isn't much he can't walk away from ultimately.

Response recorded on November 15, 2012