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Airwalker writes...

Do alternate/parallel realities (you know, worlds where history went a little differently like What if the South won the Civil War, stuff like that) exist in the structure of the Gargoyles Universe? Is it a Universe or a Multiverse?

Greg responds...

Multiverses are so much fun, but like unrestricted time-travel they are subject to massive abuse.

The short answer is, I haven't decided definitively, but I'm leaning toward a "NO".

I'd never want to, for example, cheapen the Magus' death by introducing the Magus from another dimension. And isn't our Demona quite enough fun, so that we have no need to meet the so-called Good Demona from a parallel world.

Of course, I suppose it could help explain GOLIATH CHRONICLES. Hmmmm....

Response recorded on September 21, 1999