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CGYJ writes...

Hello Mr. Greg Weisman,

What an episode "Darkest" has been; I hope the next episode will be as equally impressive! No questions for you today. I'm giving my thoughts this time around. Feel free to respond to my thoughts on each topic if you want to.

My Thoughts on these topics in "Darkest":

A. The Destruction of Mount Justice - So THAT's how it happened! I have to say: up until this episode, I actually thought the U.S. military would have something to do with it, considering how Godfrey is spreading his anti-hero propaganda throughout the second season. Well, I guess I was wrong after all. Also, considering Mount Justice was not repaired prior to 2056, I guessing it's beyond anyone's ability to do so…

B. Distrust Among Our Heroes - Considering what Aqualad and Artemis (disguised as Tigress) were technically "forced" to destroy Mount Justice, I can understand why Wally is on edge about Kaldur being a potential TRIPLE agent and why he's worried about Artemis' well-being. My personal fear is that this could lead to a chain of events in which Nightwing and Wally will lose everyone's trust on the Team and that loss of trust will spread among the other members (thus no more teamwork or cooperation). I guess we'll have to wait and see.

C. About Impulse - For someone who came from 40 years in the future, you'd think that Impulse might have gained access to some kind of information or record about missions that the Team undergoes and find out about Aqualad's and Artemis' undercover assignment. During Impulse's brief fight with Aqualad, I'm surprised that Impulse didn't give any indirect hints to Aqualad at all… Hmmm, I guess that mean Impulse doesn't really know EVERYHING about the state of his future and how it came to be in the first place.

D. It's Time to Reveal the Partner's identity at this point in the show? - I don't know… I'm DEFINITELY sensing some kind of a mislead approaching. After all, it happened in "Revelation," with the Injustice League and The Light. I'm also sensing this is some kind of a pattern that's going on in the series.

E. The Secret History Between Aqualad and The Terror Twins - SO… somehow the Twins escaped Belle Reve… and Aqualad was trying put them back there two years ago (sometime in Year Three: 2013-2014)? Based on the Terror Twins' conversation, it seems to imply that Aqualad tried to do this himself. That sounds impossible and I'd wager Aqualad probably had help in handling that problem.

Thanks for taking the time to reading my thoughts. Again, feel free to response to each one if you want to.


Greg responds...

A. Pretty much.

B. Guess so.

C. Not everything, no.

D. We at least TRY to avoid patterns.

E. A story for another day, I suppose.

Response recorded on December 03, 2012