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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg,
Saw Darkest today, and DAMN. You said it was their darkest hour and you weren't kidding. I mean my reaction to Mount Justice going up was "0_0 ..." And that's a good thing. Gotta say I kinda liked seeing the Terror Twins again, and Icicle still holding a torch for Tuppence even though they never met before now. And Tigress, nice work. Kudos on working her comic book roots into it. And I'm kind of surprised the guys are unsure of Kaldur's allegiance. Granted, I'm an optimist and hope he gets a chance to redeem himself before all is said and done.
Again, excellent work and keep it up! You are my soul source of enjoyment from DC characters right now!

Greg responds...

Um... thanks. But have you tried Green Lantern Animated? I'm really enjoying it myself.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012