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EMILY writes...

I love the young justice I feel season two is even better than season one even though I don't see some of my favorite characters as much as I would like. This show dose not just jump to a new story every episode or even every season I like how every episode ties into what happens later even if it dose not tie in for a while. So heres my questions...
1. In season two there is a bunch of new characters and while last season with the main six it could have enough development for each character but now with so many new people are they going to have the same chance or are some just going to be more of a minor main character?
2. Mal joined the team in a way, how did he get to be part of it? I love his character by the way he is sort of a gentle giant.
3. Is batgirl a protege of batman? I never really understood because beetle mentions how robin has batman, nightwing and batgirl as mentors, does batgirl have more of a relationship with batman like nightwing has or is it more like robins realationship?

Greg responds...

1. The truth is that the combination of more characters AND fewer episodes means not everyone is going to be... created equal, so to speak. But we'll do our best to characterize everyone and give them screen time. But, yes, some members of the Team in Season Two are supporting characters and not leads.


3. Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin are all protegees of Batman. But Robin also has Nightwing and Batgirl as mentors in addition to Batman. And for that matter Batgirl had Dick.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012