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shannon writes...

I just saw the young justice episode darkest and i must say it was fantastic, the plot was genius, the wally and dick argument was heartbreaking and the impulse and blue beetle bonding was really sweet.

I have a question, bart must have known what happened in the past to have tried going back in the first place to try and fix the future so he saved the flashes life and i guess he thought he fixed the future, because he seemed surprised and upset when mount justice exploded, did he expect that to happen or was he genuinely shocked mount justice was still obliterated?

Greg responds...

I think he hoped he'd be able to stop it. So maybe "shocked" isn't the right word, so much as "horrified".

Also, keep in mind, he does NOT have an encyclopedic knowledge of what took place in his past. In his post-apocalyptic timeline, many of the records were lost - as were many of the people who might have been able to give him the 411. Of course, he knew Mount Justice was destroyed. But not how - and maybe not even exactly when.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012